Building Inspections

The Building Inspection Department provides a variety of services that directly impact all of the residents of the community including: support to the Board of Appeals, general and specific guidance to those individuals and corporations interested in some aspect of construction whether a small residential addition or a new shopping center or residential neighborhood; and review or coordination of all types of building permits for compliance with adopted ordinances.

The mission of the Building Inspection Department is to provide professional support, guidance, and assistance to the citizens of Mineola who are directly or indirectly involved with building or altering the built environment of the community, so that any such activity is consistent with the policies, building codes and ordinances adopted by the City Council and other regulatory agencies

Building Requirements

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Mineola Permit Fee Schedules 12-20-10

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Inspection Procedures

Residential Building Permit Application Submittal Procedure

Residential Building Permit Application

Commercial Building Permit Application Submittal Procedure

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