16-09-D Solid Waste Franchise

16-11-28 Gaming Ordinance

17-05-09A Zoning Alcoholic Beverages

17-05-09B Alcohol Beverage Code Update

17-05-22D Annexation

17-05-22G Mobile Food Units

17-07-24 Bulk Water Rates

17-06-26A Mobile Food Units and Mobile Food Parks

17-11-27A Electrical Code Changes

18-02-26-1 Cancel Election

18-02-26-3 Sidewalk Ordinance

18-05-21 Solid Waste Collection Fees

18-07-23-B Neighborhood Overlay District

18-09-13 Oversized and Overweight Loads

18-09-17G Notary Fee

18-10-22-1 Budget Amendment Animal Shelter

18-10-22-2 Budget Amendment Meredith Grant 2018

18-10-22-3 Budget Amendment Meredith Grant 2019

18-10-22-4 Water Tap Fees

18-12-17 Budget Amendment Automobile

19-02-25-1 Cancel City Election

19-02-25-2 Update Section 2.7 City Business Administrator

19-02-25-3 Budget Amendment Computer Equipment